Symmetry Salon - Company Message
Symmetry Salon supports local businesses.  Here our some of our Favorites!
Patricks bar & no grill one of symmetry salons favorite local places 
blue stem one of symmetry salons favorite local restaurants


Pot Pie one of symmetry salons favortie local restaurants 


Recordbar one of symmetry salons favorite places                                                                             

Symmetry Salons local favorite

  If you live in the neighborhood or just like to come and visit, Patricks Bar & No Grill is the place to go.  Friendly people, good jukebox & great bartenders!

  Bluestem.  The lounge is very eclectic with a bit more casual menu & the main dining area is some of the most exquisite food in KC.  Don't forget to do the wine pairing with dinner!

  For a more intimate dining experience, Pot Pie is perfect.  Chalk board menu, not to pricey and great place for any occasion.

  Next time you are looking for a great brunch, don't forget about Record bar.  Not only do they have the best live music they also have a great menu!

  Are you looking for a unique gift, or something special for your home.  Vintage Edison lamps are perfect! Made locally by illumination artist Jim Ligon.